Cold Laser create changes in your skin quality and appearance

Cold laser Red light frequencies and infra red energy have been found to increase circulation, speed up repair and regeneration of the skin, resulting in improved texture, tone and appearance of skin. 


Single Treatment $229.00

Package of 3 $597.00 ($199.00/E)

What to Expect

​Changes in skin texture, elasticity, glow

Reduced acne, scarring, & brown spots

  • smoother skin
  • gradual reduction in fine lines
  • gradual reduction in pore size
  • gradual improvement in evenness of skin tones
  • Improved collagen, softening of deeper wrinkles
  • gradual reduction in pore size
  • gradual reduction in new acne lesions
  • gradual reduction in acne redness and scarring
  • diminished brown spots from sun damage
  • improved fine lines and texture of skin