Laser Skin Tightening

Medical grade system target wrinkles, pigmention, pores, and scars – No pain/down time – Creates microchannel to tighten skin, results in significant pigmentation reduction and elastin and collagen repair.

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Borboleta Certified Lashes: Trained in New York

Borboleta Eyelash Extensions are known to be the best brand of Eyelash Extensions on the market. Their eyelash extensions are darker than other brands.

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Body Sculpting

Trigger your youth-enhancing hormones to slough away old, dead cells. Elevate your metabolic process so you can burn away stubborn, flabby fat and replace it with lean, toned muscle.

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A person’s self-confidence can often be dramatically improved with the smallest change in their appearance. We achieve this by giving our patients the gift of fuller lips, a slimmer jaw line, reduced wrinkles, smoother skin, decreased acne scarring, reduced pockets of unwanted fat, and various other anti-aging or beauty-enhancing treatments.


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