Universal Contour Wrap is the scientifically proven inch loss treatment that guarantees you’ll lose at
least 6 inches in just 90 minutes, making it the perfect solution when you must look your best for that
special occasion.
This may sound too good to be true but with average losses of 6-14 inches from just one full body
treatment, UCW is the inch loss treatment you can trust.
The Universal Contour Wrap doesn’t just deliver exceptional inch loss; The unique clay formula and
special wrapping techniques the therapists use, also tighten and tone your body while exfoliating and
cleansing the skin so you will not only look great, but you’ll also feel fabulous too, after just one
Body wraps have all kinds of ingredients including detoxifying seaweed, natural greens, minerals,
organic extracts, mud and clay which get rid of toxins in the body through metabolic skin simulations.
Skin is your largest organ. When you detoxify the epidermis (top layer of the skin), it will have a vast
effect on your overall health.
So, whether you’re looking to kick-start a slimming plan or target a few stubborn inches you can rely on
Universal Contour Wrap to deliver instant results that will keep friends and family wondering how you
do it.
With Universal Contour Wrap you’re guaranteed to lose 6 inches in just 90 minutes that will stay off for
at least 30 days when staying active and drinking water to continue the detoxifying effects. The unique
clay formula and special wrapping techniques used in the treatment shape and tone your body, leaving
you feeling great and looking your best. Whoa! Wait! This amazing organic detoxifying Contour wrap
offers more than just guaranteed inch loss:
UCW revitalizes the body’s elastin and compacts areas where fat is stored, literally sculpting your body
into the shape you deserve.
During the treatment your entire body is wrapped in the warm clay and bandages, meaning every inch
of your skin is cleansed and nourished so you look and feel fabulous after leaving the salon.
The unique mineral rich clay solution helps to extract toxins located beneath the skin leaving you feeling
revitalized after every treatment.
UCW is an effective way of reducing loose skin after pregnancy or weight changes caused by dieting or
cosmetic surgery such as liposuction. Also aiding in weight loss management and goals or literally
holding onto your tightened skins glow
The secret to Universal Contour Wrap’s guaranteed inch loss with the Classic treatment lies in the
unique clay formula and special wrapping techniques used during the treatment.
UCW involves being wrapped in 25-30 elasticated bandages that have been pre-soaked in a warm,
mineral-rich organic clay solution. It takes less than 45 minutes to be measured and wrapped by the
specially trained therapist and once wrapped, you simply relax and let the bandages sculpt and tone
your body while the minerals are absorbed into your skin and the clay draws out toxins to leave you
feeling and looking your best.
*Unlike other inch loss treatments Universal Contour Wrap doesn’t rely on dehydration to get results. In
fact, to maximize your personal results you’re encouraged to drink plenty of water after treatments to
continue the inch loss, detox and cleansing process.
Universal Contour Wrap carries on working long after you’ve left the salon. After you’ve been wrapped,
the special clay solution remains in the pores of the skin so the detoxification and tightening process can
continue for three to four days, giving further inch loss. After the wrap you should also drink plenty of
water to help flush and rid your body of the impurities that have been released during the wrap process.
To experience the full benefits of UCW Classic, a course of wraps is recommended, and these should be
taken a minimum of 7-10 days apart. Inch loss is cumulative, and the average overall loss is around 25
inches after just five treatments. It’s quite normal for women to come down a complete dress size.
After applying the mask to most of your body, your therapist will swaddle in a clay-soaked bandages and
a thermal blanket and leave you to rest for around 20 to 60 minutes.
Detox Body Wraps is my signature service for skin toning and inch loss!
How can you get the most benefits from this treatment? Here are our top tips to help you prepare:
*Before your appointment:
• pack your bag with some extra undergarments
• Wear cotton under garments for treatment (no sports Bra, bikini type bra or top for full lift)
• drink lots of water to help the detoxification process
• avoid hair removal for at least 24 hours
• reduce or eliminate your intake of caffeine
• avoid body lotion and cream for 24 hours
*After your appointment:
• keep drinking lots of water to flush out more toxins
• when you wash, just have a quick rinse in the shower
• use soap on your face and private areas and leave the rest to have more time for detoxing
• limit your intake of caffeine, sugar, alcohol and fried foods
• skip the lotion and body cream
• book your next body wrap appointment for 1-2 weeks from now
I want you to have the best possible results from your body wrap. Feel free to ask questions before,
during or after your treatment… because when you feel good, we feel great!

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1 Detox Body Wrap (90 mins)


This detox wrap uses a unique, all-natural mineral base mixture in which bandages are pre- soaked in bentonite and then applied warm to the body to give a fast, effective and sustainable inch loss through detoxification. The treatment leaves your skin hydrated and soft, with a visible inch loss usually around 6 – 10”, in just 90 minutes.

3 Detox Body Wraps (60 mins each session)


Following a course of 3 Wraps can help everyone, from brides desperate to lose inches before the big day, or if you are just wanting a detox, Men also enjoy its immediate toning and tightening benefits. Whatever the reason, this treatment is a sure-fire winner for guaranteed results in just 90 mins.

5 Detox Body Wrap (60 mins each session)


Completing a course of 5 wraps can help if you who want to improve the appearance of saggy skin after weight release or pregnancy, as well as helping you maintain your inch loss. The more relaxed you are during the treatment time the more encouraged the body is to release those unwanted toxins.