Fat Loss, Skin tightening, Inch loss

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Healing Scars or Trauma 
Pain Reduction
Fat Reduction
Increase Metabolism
Cellulite Reduction
Skin Tightening

Safe for all ages.

Far Infrared Body Panel $50  per treatment

“I love the Infrared body panel 3-in-1 full spectrum technology. It helps me with relaxation, helps me with inflammation, it’s great for building collagen. It even burns calories. So, this is my space, this is my spot, this is my sanctuary, this is where I like to hang where no one knows where I am. I come out after 30 minutes and I’m recharged, rejuvenated and I’m ready to go. As a makeup artist/beauty expert and health coach, I know what it takes to feel better. I walk out of the treatment, I feel rejuvenated. And really, if you want to look good, it’s all about feeling good.”